I spent 10 amazing years on the US Snowboard Team and one life-changing experience as a 2006 Olympian before deciding it was time to take on new adventures. I went to college. Got my BS in Geology (smelling and tasting rocks) as well as completed all premed classes for future goals. I am the youngest of three siblings, raised by highly motivated parents who used Mother Nature as their day care, force-feeding us dirt along the way. Besides editing these photos, I spend 100% of my free time documenting, exploring, and bathing in god’s awesome country.

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As a young kid, I always had a camera, documenting my crew of friends as we discovered endless adventures, traveled the world and dialed in our passion for the outdoors. My work is just that. It aims to inspire not just the adventure seeker but also the weekend warrior through creative outdoor photography and the experiences that entails. To not just make beautiful images, but allow the viewer to bond with the adventure that lies within the photograph and create their own story as if they were the one dancing beneath the ink.

Yes I am for hire. My passion lies within the creative imagery of fly fishing and hunting. However, if you have an appreciation for my style and want family or wedding photos… I would love to work with you. If you have specific image ideas for your home or business, I can do that as well. Please contact me by using the links below. I can not wait to meet you!